PARC's services are offered to all adoptive families in the adoption triad (i.e. birth parents, adult adoptees, adoptive families).

This includes all types of adoptions: domestic, international, independent, special-needs, or stepparent/relative adoptions in Southern Wisconsin. Your adoption did not have to occur through Catholic Charities in order to receive services.




Education, referral and support services for birth parents, adult adoptees, adoptive families, and professionals.

A free lending library with books, magazines and DVDs on adoption-related issues.

Local support group list. If needed, a post adoption specialist will assist in developing a specific support group in a given area.

Adoption-related school presentations to teachers and students. Contact PARC if you would like a post adoption specialist to present at your child's school.

Quarterly newsletters that are filled with information and upcoming events for your family.

Adoption celebration events, such as our annual adoption picnic and camping weekend for adoptive families. Other special adoption events are planned periodically throughout the year.


Additional PARC Resources


Lending Library

Support Groups


Therapist List